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We are an experienced, full service residential real estate company that is committed to providing you with the market knowledge, intelligent data and guidance needed to successfully sell your home.



Maximize the value of your home.  Reduce the days on market.  Save money on commission.
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With an extensive background in real estate, architecture and real estate development we offer a unique combination that helps position your home in its market to attract today's homebuyers.  This background is what truly sets us apart from other real estate agents and is a valuable asset for you when selling as we can help you unlock untapped potential in your home so that you command and receive its highest sales price.



We pride ourselves on helping homeowners sell their home without paying the high commission that most real estate companies will charge.  

Our clients save thousands of dollars in commission without any loss of real estate services or the expertise needed throughout the entire sales transaction process.​  We do more to market and sell your home than most real estate agents.  



It all begins with an extensive marketing consultation as we prepare your home to successfully sell.  We are with you every step of the way, seamlessly guiding you and working with you throughout the home preparation process.  Its whhat we like to call "getting your home in Show Shape".

Once your home is in "Show Shape", we design a customized marketing plan that is tailored to the strengths of your home so that it shows best both online and in-person to capture the full attention of prospective home buyers.  Our first-class marketing, advertising, photography, floor plans and property staging will speak for themselves. 

Believe it or not, coming to an agreed purchase price with a buyer is just the beginning of the sale transaction process.  We have the experience and ability to negotiate a most favorable outcome as I walk you through a stress-free sale and inspection process until you reach the closing table.

Finally, our marketing sales model is not exclusively based on “maximum internet exposure” as you so frequently hear from real estate companies and agents - frankly, this is a given in todays global web dominant world.   Our focus is on content and making certain that your home effectively captures the attention of homebuyers and buyers agents.  After all, what good is the marketing and advertising of your home if the message isn't clearly defined?

Our successful marketing plan is based on the “effectiveness of market exposure” that we are able to create based on our architectural and design background, so that your home stands out in the marketplace to capture the attention of all prospective homebuyers.

Better Real Estate Service + Less Commission = Exceptional Value

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Effective & Strategic Internet Marketing are paramount for a successful sale!

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